White gold is quickly becoming the most popular style of gold. Often, white gold is purchased in 14 carat jewelry because it looks more similar to platinum. White gold basically has the same attributes as yellow gold, except it is mixed with different metals - nickel, zinc, silver and palladium - that give it a white color.

Often, white gold is plated with rhodium. Rhodium is a shiny, white metal that is a member of the platinum family, and is used to give white gold an even whiter appearance. White gold is a great choice to compliment very white diamonds, as it strongly enhances their brilliance and sparkle.

Caring For White Gold Jewelry

Even though gold is resilient, there are still measures you can take to keep you jewelry looking good as new. First, be sure to store your gold jewelry in a soft cloth bag or a fabric-lined jewelry box. Second, be sure to keep your gold jewelry away from corrosive chemicals. Third, clean your gold with mild soap and warm water only. Make sure to use a non-metallic, soft brush (like a toothbrush). Forth, make sure to dry your gold with a lint-free towel and never a paper towel.