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We pride ourselves on a database of thousands of loose laboratory graded diamonds. We pride ourselves even more on helping each and every customer determine which of those diamonds is their perfect choice. Our comprehensive "Education" section features an explanation of the importance of diamond cut, along with simple yet powerful tips and tools to help decide which diamond is right for you. If the answer you need couldn't be found on the Cassriel's Jewelers website, our expert staff is waiting to answer any question you might have. Our phones ring hundreds of times a month, yet most calls are answered immediately and every customer is treated like a personal friend. It is this dedication to quality, value, and customer service that created the Cassriel's Jewelers legacy.

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Diamond Cut

 A diamond’s cut is not only about its shape, but how effectively the stone can return light back to the viewer's eye. A well-cut diamond will appear very brilliant and fiery; while more poorly cut stones can appear dark and lifeless, regardless of color or clarity.

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Diamond Color

 When shopping for a diamond, it is generally preferred to have the least amount of color possible. Most people find it very difficult (if not impossible) to tell the difference from one color grade to another.

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Diamond Clarity

 Clarity refers to the presence (or absence) of impurities, blemishes or other identifying characteristics within a diamond. Clarity characteristics are what make every diamond completely unique.

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Diamond Carat Weight

 The size of a diamond is proportional to the carat weight of a diamond. When rough diamonds are cut and polished into finished diamonds, as much as 2/3 of the total carat weight may be lost.

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