A gemstone can be cut the same way that any diamond can, although each stone has particular features that lend themselves to particular cuts. Brilliant cuts are made to maximize the amount of light return from a gemstone by being cut with many facets. These allow the light to "dance" within the stone, giving it the most sparkle possible. Step cuts, known as the "emerald cut" in diamonds, are variations on the square. A step-cut gemstone that is eye-clean (has no visible inclusions without magnification) is rare, but is well worth it when you find one, as this cut intensifies the color of the stone. Again, the deeper the color of the gemstone is, the more flaws become invisible to the naked eye. The lighter-colored gemstones will show more of their inclusions. Mixed-cut gemstones are generally cut from the girdle up as brilliants, and from the girdle down as step-cuts.