Whether it's a formal occasion, a night on the town, or a lunch date with friends, pendants are the perfect pick me up for a necklace as part of your daily wardrobe. They are great for classic looks or contemporary styles, but can work for all tastes.

Types of Pendants

A classic necklace that might otherwise appear shapeless is suddenly livened up by a circle pendant or heart pendant. The pendants themselves come in all shapes, sizes, and styles. For the ultimate in class, a diamond pendant can be a stunning option. Cassriel's Jewelers offers a wide selection of striking diamond pendants including diamond heart pendants, diamond solitaire pendants, or you can design your own. To design your own pendant, please email or call us for a consultation with one of our Jewelry Designers. Each diamond pendant will be tailored to your specifications. The diamonds are available in pear, round, square, princess cut, emerald square, cushion cut and marquis shapes and set in platinum, white, or yellow gold.


Diamond Pendants: The 4C's

When choosing a diamond, keep in mind the importance of diamond attributes called the 4Cs. Knowing these qualities (Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat Weight), which affect a diamond's beauty, can help in choosing a diamond that is right for you. Other characteristics include the diamond's grading.

How to choose the Perfect Diamond Studs?

Diamond stud earrings are a great addition to any woman's jewelry collection. Since they compliment most outfits, they are perfect for a romantic evening out, terrific for work, and essential for formal gatherings. In fact, a woman can always reach for her favorite diamond stud earrings to help her look and feel great. When it comes to giving gifts, men aren't always sure what to get. Picking out the appropriate piece of jewelry can also be quite confusing since there is so much to choose from and such diverse tastes. The good news is that when it comes to diamond earring studs, it's hard to lose. This simple and effective gift will have her heart singing and her eyes watering (yes, in a good way).

Cut, clarity, and color are all important factors when choosing your diamond. If you would like the diamond to match your significant other's facial features, then focus on the cut. Princess cut diamonds are great for a woman with a broad face while round diamonds go well with narrower features. Surprisingly, color and clarity requirements are more relaxed for diamond stud earrings when compared to diamonds set in engagement rings. This is because the distance that they are viewed is greater. Stones that are not "clean to the eye" for engagement rings can be considered eye-clean for diamond studs. Therefore, diamond stud earrings can also be at anywhere from  “SI1” to “I2” graded clarity.

Cassriel's Jewelers will carefully select the best matching diamonds to meet any budget and create a matched pair of diamond studs that is cost effective.  Please email or call to purchase the perfect pair of diamond studs to meet your needs.